Close-up of Freddy Fazbear as he appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

Robotic Bear, go inside Shinji.
screenshot, ScottGames / Kotaku

the eighth installment of 5 Nights at Freddy’s The saga with an ’80s glam-rock model of Freddie Fazbear’s creature, the famed child-killing robotic, suffers a malfunction on stage in entrance of a crowd of his followers. When the animatronic wakes up, he learns that he has picked up an undesirable passenger someplace alongside the way in which. That is proper, you are into him. it is like a 5 nights Followers in right here.

To make clear, you participant is accountable for a younger boy named Gregory, and Gregory is inside Freddy. Apparently, the lad was being chased by Vanessa, a safety guard at Freddy Fazbear’s mega PizzaPlex shopping center, and she or he took refuge inside Freddy’s big chest cavity. Upon discovering this, the disturbingly delicate Mr. Fazbear tears Gregory’s limb from the limb, bathing him in his very important fluids.

A group shot of an '80s glam-rock bank at Freddy's in a security breach.

Girls and gents, kind of Van Halen.
screenshot, ScottGames / Kotaku

Or at the least that is what I anticipated from Bear. As an alternative, he befriends younger Gregory and vows to assist him escape the purchasing advanced. That is proper, as a substitute of the chain staple of a mysterious particular person on the telephone, Freddie himself is right here to avoid wasting the day. safety breach, He offers Gregory a novelty Fazbear watch, which permits the pair to speak with one another as Gregory crawls via safety vents and navigates darkish hallways, the extra depraved and bloodthirsty of Freddy’s band. Continually adopted by the members.

This sequence is a neat twist on the formulation, however I can not assist however be in awe of the massive steel bear. Irrespective of how cool he appears to be like or how nerdy he appears to be like in his little hat, he carries with him the sinister air of a bear that has been scaring slightly than caring since 2014. The sport’s opening not solely asks me to assist Freddy escape from his dressing room the place he is been locked up for repairs, it additionally tries to persuade me that climbing again inside him is a good suggestion. Simply watch.

It is a actually intelligent recreation mechanic that lets Gregory cover inside Freddy’s, the place he is secure from being chased by safety, upkeep bots and killer steel musicians who’re truly manufactured from steel. However Freddy’s malfunction means his potential to recharge is restricted, forcing Gregory to go it alone whereas Bear guides him from contained in the charging chamber. Till you cease to consider it, understanding this makes the entire affair rather less scary. I would not be if I had been you.

5 Nights at Freddy’s: Safety Breach Developed by Metal Wool Studios as a substitute of producer Scott Cawthon, who retired earlier this yr within the midst of a dispute about himself assist for reactionary politicians, Regardless of some technical constraints, like stuttering when altering areas, it is one of the best wanting 5 nights I’ve performed the sport. Free-roaming first-person exploration helps construct pressure, the characters are shiny, flashy, and terrifying, and Freddy Fazbear’s mega pizzaplex is a color-strewn nightmare of ’80s consumerism, a correct nod to sentient killing machines. There’s a playground.

Sure, Freddy, meaning you. I am taking a look at you, Fazbear.

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