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A volley of sunshine streams by the opposing leaves of a thousand dormant coconut bushes, casting designs of a quiet insurrection over the brick-floored courtyards. In an earthen pot over a wood fireplace, mustard seeds crackle to get up the village. Onions are at all times on the transfer, making a proverbial sizzle.

The sights and sounds of South Indian cooking are worthy of an exciting epic. At Kumars, you may decide up a hardbound copy. No elaborations, fiercely genuine.

Kumar's Houston - Best South India Restaurant in Houston

No messaging, no meals coloring, no synthetic substances

farm raised


contemporary, by no means

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your occasions. Our meals Name us for catering and company lunches.

Authentic South Indian Restaurants Near Me

Best Indian Restaurants in Houston

best indian restaurants in houston

best indian restaurants in houston

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Natu Koli Soup. farm raised hen soup

Aatu Kaal Soup. gradual cooked goat bone soup

Melgu Rasam. Southern Model Spicy Tomato and Pepper Soup

little bits

Mutton Cola Urundai**. Deep Fried Goat Meat Balls

Meen Varuval (6 pcs). Fried fish, marinated in spices (warning: bones)

Chennai Chilli. Boneless meat, marinated and fried with floor spices

(selection or fish choice)

Kumar’s particular Nandu Boneless. Crab, take out the shells and throw them in a spicy sauce

Pepper Prawns. Shrimp, stir fried with freshly floor black pepper and different spices

mutton chops . Pan Sear Goat Chops That Will Rock Your World!

Mutton Varuval. Bone in goat’s cubes, fry till dry with spices

Majora Rooster. Rooster thighs, sliced ​​horizontally, marinated and fried

Grandson Koli Varuval. Farm-raised hen cubes, stir-fried with spices (warning: bones)

Ulunthu Vadai. Donut formed rice and lentil batter, deep fried

Sambar/Rasam Vadai. Topped Vadai, soaked in soup of your selection

Sambar Idli. Skinny rice truffles soaked in lentil soup

Mini Idli (in Sambar)**. Mini Rice Desserts Soaked in Leantil Soup

Coolie Paniyaram**. Rice and Lentils Combination, Donut Gap-Formed Pan Fry

Seppan Kelangu Fry. Taro Roots – Baked, fried, marinated and stir fried – really easy, no!

Urulai Roast. Let the nice instances include these Southern-Model Roasted Taters!

Chennai Chilli. Greens, marinated and fried with floor spices

(substitute cauliflower or mushrooms)

Black pepper fry. Roast with oyster rind, freshly floor black pepper and spices

Curry up! (selection of rice or naan)

Kumar’s Rooster Salna. Skinny Rooster Curry with Numerous Spices and Gentle Coconut

Mutton Columbu. Southern-Model Goat Curry (Warning: Bones)

Pisces Columbu. Southern Model Fish Curry in Tangy Sauce (Boneless)

Nellore Chepala Pulusu. Andhra Particular Tamarind Based mostly Fish Curry (Weak)

Natu Koli Varutha Curry. Farm-raised hen curry, in semi-gravy (warning: bones)

Pepper Rooster. Black pepper in a cumin-based sauce, with hen (boneless)

Guntur Kodi Kura**. One other Andhra particular, Rooster Curry! (Warning: Bones)

Nandu Masala. Crab with Shells, in a Spicy Semi Gravy Pepper Curry

Mutton Chops Masala. Fried Goat Chops, served with a little bit chutney on high

Rooster Chops (Gravy)**. Half farm-raised hen, roasted and topped with sauce

Mutta Columbu. Southern Model Egg Curry

Vegetable Sala. Skinny curry, with a lot of spices, greens and gentle coconut

Button black varutha curry. Curry with fried curry in black pepper sauce

Pala Kottai Kolambu**. Jackfruit seeds in a brilliant savory curry. Flippin’ good!

Vathal Kolambu**. Salted and dry greens in spicy sauce

Kara Columbu. Spicy purple chili sauce with greens of your selection

(substitute eggplant, okra, garlic)

Kathirika Wadhakkal. Eggplant, roasted with spices, after which stir fried with sauce

Kira Masial. Coronary heart-healthy greens, with seasonings on high, made right into a scrumptious semi-gravy

Avial. Take particular person greens, steamed and simmered in a coconut based mostly sauce

Rooster Biryani . Aromatic rice, cooked to a boil with hen and spices

Mutton Biryani. Similar stuff from above, however goat as an alternative of hen

Rooster Curry Fried Rice. Basmati stir fried with rice, hen, eggs and onions

Veggie Biryani. Bunch cooked with greens, basmati rice and spices

A dish in South Asian delicacies fabricated from rice and lentils**. Cream of Wheat Cooked with Carrots, Beans and Peas

Wayne Pongal. Rice and lentils cooked along with fried black pepper and cumin

Selection rice. Fried rice with spicy sabzi of your selection from beneath

(select lemon, tamarind, tomato)

Curd Rice. Yogurt and rice, combined with fried spices

plain rice . effectively, duh!!

Bread, however not regular!

Mutta Veechu. Southern-style bread, folded in layers with egg within the center

Kari Dosai (Goat). Goat – Grilled, sliced, combined with eggs and topped on a dosai

Mutta Dosai. Beat eggs with black pepper and cumin powder, unfold on dosai

Kothu Parotta. Well-known Southern Model Flaky Bread, Sliced ​​and Stir Fried

(substitute egg or hen)

Veggie Kothu Parotta. Southern-style flaky bread, sliced ​​and stir-fried with greens

Puri Kelangul. Puffed Wheat Bread, served with Spicy Mashed Potatoes

Chapati. Complete Wheat Bread, Tortilla Model!

Laziness. Thinly Gentle Rice Desserts, Steamed to Perfection

Ooor Model Parotta. Our Well-known Southern Model, Flaky Flaky Bread

Dosai. Rice batter made right into a crepe, however a little bit crunchy

(add spices, mysore, ghee – for $1)

Dosai tomorrow. A thick dosai, which isn’t too spicy and goes effectively with a curry

Uthappam. Rice batter made into salty pancakes

(Insert onion, chili, veggie – for $1)


Curry. Omelette is made in a deep spoon as an alternative of a pan. Why not, is not it?

Kalki. Egg, simply thrown. So good that it melts in your mouth!

Boil half. Egg, sunny facet up, topped with floor black pepper and cumin

Omelette. South Indian method of claiming – Omelette

Mutta Poriyal. Scrambled Eggs with Onion, Chili and Floor Black Pepper

Different Indian (curries include rice or naan)

Rooster Tandoor. Rooster, marinated and baked in a conventional clay oven

hen tikka . Boneless Rooster Cubes, Marinated and Baked in a Clay Oven

Tikka masala . Some folks wished tikka in sauce. So, tikka masala!

(Rooster, Cheese Substitute)

Vindaloo. Meat and Taters have created a fiery curry to make this scrumptious dish!

(selection of hen, goat, shrimp)

Greens. Spinach in a creamy sauce, with meat or cheese of your selection

(Rooster, goat, cheese substitute)

Chole Bhatura. puffed naan bread served with chickpea curry

Received a Candy Tooth?

candy dish . I Indian model donut holes soaked in sugar syrup

Basundhi**. Milk Based mostly Creamy Dessert with Nuts and Saffron

saffron. Cream of wheat, cooked with butter, sugar and nuts

Candy. Wheat flour and ghee, cooked with sugar, for flavoring

Payasam. Roasted vermicelli (or often, rice) pudding

Kulfi. Village Model Do-it-yourself Ice Cream

particular drink

Kumar’s particular Jigarthanda. A Madurai Delight: Ask for Particulars

Nannari Sarbat. A drink constructed from sarsaparilla root and bael fruit, tremendous wholesome!

Dangerous pal. Boiled milk with almonds, saffron and cardamom

Rose milk. Boiled and cooled milk, with flavored Indian rose syrup

Amavali apple milk. Freshly Blended Apple, Saffron and Cardamom Milk

copy. Sodern Model Espresso, Foam with Milk and Sugar

Bakery Tea. Chai Chai Latte (like ginger and cardamom on this? Inform us)

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