Uncover occult lore in FnAF.

Retro discs are probably the most mysterious collectibles 5 Nights at Freddy’s: Safety Breach, You do not want them for an achievement or trophy, and so they do not actually provide you with any benefit – they’re purely for easter egg hunts. Every disc accommodates some hidden lore associated to Vanessa, the safety guard who at all times follows you across the Megaplex. Retro Disc has a hidden dialog along with her that Vidya’s hunters are going to like.

to succeed in the room the place you possibly can Hearken to Actually Retro Discsit’s worthwhile to get Monty Claus and Chica Voice Field Improve for Freddy Fazbear. Then, head again to the opening hallway the place we first encountered a livid Monty. There are two gates you possibly can unlock, which lead right down to a dead-end wall. Use the digicam (obtained throughout the Monty improve) to flash the wall and reveal a hidden door. Inside, you may discover a recording gadget the place you possibly can enter retro discs.

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all 16 retro disk house | Easter Egg Information

Retro discs are particular Easter egg collectibles. To disclose them, you should be Inside Freddy Fazbear and have achieved roxy eyes improve. When you see the disc with Freddy, you possibly can stroll out and decide it up on foot with Gregory.

  • Retro Disc #1Rockstar Row – On the Kraken Standee show in entrance of Freddy’s Room.
  • Retro Disc #2: Atrium – On the treasure chest at Children Cove.
  • Retro Disc #3: Atrium – on the ground immediately forward of the primary stage. That is the world Roxy often patrols.
  • Retro Disc #4: Roxy’s Raceway – Observe the suitable path from the doorway to the raceway to succeed in Roxy’s Saloon. On this space, look in entrance of the salon’s entrance to seek out the Roxy plush with this disc.
  • Retro Disc #5: Phaser Blast – Take a look at the trophy show within the foyer after exiting the elevator.
  • Retro Disc #6: Bakery – Try the shiny golden cupcakes on the bakery.
  • Retro Disc #7: Monty’s Gator Golf – On the balcony with the final gap.
  • Retro Disc #8:Bonnie Bowling – There is a small out-of-order stage with discs within the kitchen.
  • Retro Disc #9: Upkeep Tunnels – Return to the Upkeep Tunnels and proceed following the tutorial path till you attain the lavatory the place we first encountered Chika. Alongside the best way, search for a settee in a room that has an image of Freddy.
  • Retro Disc #10: West Arcade – In Fuzzcade the place the DJ Music Man lurks, go to the second ground and enter one other karaoke room.
  • Retro Disc #11: Roxy Raceway – Within the bumper automobile space, you may discover a disc on prime of a automobile.
  • Retro Disc #12: Mazercise – Present in soda fountain.
  • Retro Disc #13: Atrium – To the suitable from the Gator Golf entrance, there’s a walkway resulting in Rockstar Row – there’s a stage with cutouts for Freddy and Bonnie.
  • Retro Disc #14: Upkeep Tunnels – Go the place you first realized to cover when Vanessa seems. To entry this disc, go up the steps (by means of the gate) from the medical sales space.
  • Retro Disc #15: Backstage – On the pedestal within the rehearsal room by means of the door from Rockstar Row.
  • Retro Disc #16: Atrium – From the primary stage, take the hallway resulting in Rockstar Row. There’s a helper workers bot standee with the disc.

And that is all. 16. Now you possibly can be taught all about Vanessa’s darkish historical past. Do not even ask us what that bizarre writing on the wall to the suitable of the disc participant means.

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